Monday, December 06, 2010

My Last Day at College

I am no longer Prof. of Asutosh College.
Today, I left and said good bye to my college forever after working here for 3 long years with only and only happy and funny memories !!

My total relation with my college is of 10 years !!
From year 2000 (when I joined the college as student) to 2010 (now).

My HoD and my favorite sir, Gautam Mahapatra, asked me only one question -

" যেতেই হবে  ? "
" Do you really have to go ? "

After all, I was his both right hand and left hand.... I know, he used to see me like his son. I had done number of mistakes, burnt PCs or other hardware damages, but he never ever used any single 'word'. He always supported me in my tests, experiments and studies.
From giving treats to sharing his own 'murii', I was always with him.

After that, he wished me " Best of Luck " and gave a smile.

Everyone in this world wishes a BOSS like him, but I actually left him.
A person who is so supportive and also a person from whom one can learn so many things. A friend and a guide.

Tears were in my eyes. Yes, my eyes were filled with tears in-front of my sir, colleague and my beloved students. There were some girls also, damm....

When I was coming back home, I don't know whether I was crying or not. It was raining quite hard. I think mother nature was clearing my eyes with her clear cold rain drops

" You have cried too much in these days.... "

I went to the 23 Pally Gurga Temple. Actually went inside the temple after 10+ years !! It was totally empty. I think she was waiting just for me. I sat on a bench for 15mins.... didn't wish or say anything to her, she knows everything.
Then I returned home.

In my teaching career, some of the Best Complements from my Students are -

  • " Sir, you are OUR genius sir "
  • " Sir, how could you find solutions for every problems "
  • " Sir, you teach us just like Amir Khan teaches in Taare Zameen Par "
    (Do note, Amir Khan was a school teacher. I WAS a College Professor)

My Favorite Dialogs to my students are - 
  • " Main Hoon Na "
    To make them relax when they first see/read the final year projects.
  • " All is well "When there are very little time to complete the final year project.

যা পেয়েছি আমি তা চাইনা
যা চেয়েছি কেনো তা পাইনা |

My First Student Batch

With love - Prof. Ayan Debnath.

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